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Spider Glazing With Tension Rod

Spider Glazing With Tension Rod

Our rm is dealing in the manufacturing, trading and supplying of Spider Glazing Tension Rod. The offered Spider Glazing Tension Rod is a glass wall entrance which is available in transparent and semi-transparent variants. Our offered glazing provides a clear view of the outer surroundings of a commercial or residential complex. The offered Spider Glazing Tension Rod is very much appreciated by the clients, owing to the style addition.

Spider glazing with tension rods is a modern and aesthetically pleasing method of installing glass facades in buildings. This structural glazing system is commonly used in contemporary architecture to create transparent and visually appealing exteriors. Here's a brief overview of spider glazing with tension rods:

  • Spider Fittings:
    Spider fittings are the key components in a spider glazing system. They are typically made of stainless steel and act as point connectors for the glass panels. These fittings resemble spider legs, hence the name. They are attached to the building structure and hold the glass in place.

  • Tension Rods:
    Tension rods are used to provide additional support to the glass panels. These rods are usually made of stainless steel and are anchored to the building structure at the top and bottom. Tension rods are an essential element for ensuring the stability and safety of the entire spider glazing system.

  • Glass Panels:
    The glass panels used in spider glazing are typically frameless, providing a seamless and transparent appearance. The glass is usually secured to the spider fittings with special connectors that allow for some movement to accommodate structural loads and temperature variations.

  • Installation Process:
    The installation process involves attaching the spider fittings to the building structure and then connecting the glass panels to these fittings. Tension rods are used to add stability to the system and prevent excessive movement of the glass. Careful engineering and precise installation are crucial to ensure the structural integrity of the spider glazing system.

  • Advantages:
    Aesthetic Appeal: Spider glazing provides a modern and sleek look to buildings, allowing for unobstructed views and plenty of natural light.
    Versatility: This system can be used for various types of buildings, including commercial, residential, and institutional structures.
    Flexibility: Spider glazing can accommodate different glass types and thicknesses, offering flexibility in design.

  • Installation:
    Installation of spider glazing with cable net requires precision and expertise. It involves attaching the spider fittings to the building structure, securing the anchor points for the cables, and carefully installing the glass panels..

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