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Sliding Window

Sliding Window

Sliding windows features two (or more) horizontal sashes tted with rollers at the bottom for swift sideways movement on tracks. Easier and faster to operate, they are great for air circulation and panoramic views. A popular choice for contemporary styled homes sliders bring nesse to the room while satisfying all its fenestration requirements

A sliding window is a window that opens by sliding horizontally along a top and bottom track in the window frame. It is somewhat similar to a double-hung window, just turned on its side. Sliding windows are available in a few different configurations to choose from, based on what would be best for your home.

FEATURES & Advantages:

  • Improved ventilation as sashes can be moved left or right.
  • Low friction between rollers and track for smooth sliding motion.
  • Multi-track and sash options to cover larger spans.
  • Available in variety of designs, colors and hardware.
  • Optimized space usage as the sashes slide and do not open inwards.
  • Air-tight seals to keep out noise, dust, heat and pollution.
  • Monsoon track for heavy rains, and hurricane bars for high speed winds.

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