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Spider Glazing With Cable Net

Spider Glazing With Cable Net

Spider glazing with cable net refers to a type of architectural and structural system used in building facades to create a transparent and visually appealing exterior. This system typically involves the use of tensioned cables and point-fixed glass panels to achieve a sleek and modern aesthetic. Here's a breakdown of the key components and features of spider glazing with cable net:.

Our rm is dealing in the manufacturing, trading and supplying of Spider Glazing With Cable Net. The offered Spider Glazing With Cable Net is a safety glass, which does not fall apart even in the shattered state. Our offered glass canopy is glued together by the polyvinyl butyral, which holds it together in the every state. The offered Spider Glazing With Cable Net is often used in the exteriors, curtain walls and windows. The offered glass canopy is a good sound insulator. .

  • Spider Fittings:
    Spider fittings are structural elements that support the glass panels. They are typically made of stainless steel and are designed to fix the glass to the structure without the need for traditional framing. Spider fittings are available in various designs, including single-arm, two-arm, and four-arm configurations

  • Glass Panels:
    The glass used in spider glazing is usually toughened or laminated for safety and durability. These panels are point-fixed to the spider fittings, creating a frameless appearance. The absence of traditional framing allows for a seamless and transparent look..

  • Cable Net:
    The cable net is a network of tensioned cables that support the glass panels. These cables are anchored to the building structure and are tensioned to provide the necessary support. The cable net adds stability to the system and contributes to the overall design aesthetic.

  • Anchor Points:
    Anchor points are the locations on the building structure where the cables are secured. These points need to be carefully calculated and designed to ensure that they can withstand the loads imposed by the glass panels and environmental conditions..

  • Structural Analysis:
    Spider glazing with cable net systems undergo rigorous structural analysis to ensure that they meet safety standards and building codes. This analysis includes assessing factors such as wind loads, snow loads, and other environmental forces that the system may encounter.

  • Installation:
    Installation of spider glazing with cable net requires precision and expertise. It involves attaching the spider fittings to the building structure, securing the anchor points for the cables, and carefully installing the glass panels..

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