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GRC Cladding

GRC Cladding

GRC is an ideal facade cladding material and it's principle use throughout the world is in this application. Unlike rain screen panel cladding systems our GRC can easily be moulded into virtually and shape or size allowing the ultimate in architectural expression. Returns, curves and multi dimensional faces are all possible in sizes. As such we can offer not only walling panels but column claddings, balcony cladding panels, spandrel panels etc. In truth there's not much we can't clad.

The major advantage of our GRC is to offer a relatively light weight cladding system when compared to either natural precast or cast stone products and yet when installed our products are virtually identical in both look and touch to natural stone. Due to the inherent characteristics of the material and the use of acrylic polymers within the mix designs both water absorption and carbonation are reduced thus allowing components to retain their supplied appearance longer.

The lower weight of our GRC claddings not only makes installation easier and more cost effective but structures and support systems can be designed from the outset to carry less imposed loading again further reducing cost.

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