Structural glazing

Semi Unitized Glazing

Glazewell Systems Pvt Ltd is specialises in the design, supply and installation of frameless structural glass assemblies in armor plate or toughened glass, including bolted glass systems.

A "Semi unitized" curtain wall system is one in which the primary structural framing components are erected individually in the field like an erector set, typically with vertical mullions attached first to the floor slabs and the horizontals attached to the vertical mullions. Then, the vision glass and spandrel materials (typically glass, aluminium panel or stone) are shop glazed and installed into the assembled grid work. All joinery / perimeter sealants are field installed.

Conventional Glazing

We are humbled to declare ourselves as the service provider of Conventional Unitized System. The offered service involves the installation and fitment of the cladding. Our offered Conventional Unitized System is rendered by the industry experts, to provide a satisfactory installation of the cladding on commercial and residential buildings. The offered Conventional Unitized System is available at very affordable rates. Our offered service can be ordered on call.

Display Glazing

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