Skylight & Dome

Glass Skylight & Dome

Dome skylights are designed to shut out inclement weather, are shaped to wash themselves in rain, can be insulated (double domes), will provide ventilation, access to the roof and even help fight fires. Due to their unique shape, residential dome skylights are immune to many of the potential problems caused by water pooling. Sometimes a skylight is the only way to bring natural daylight into a building. On a square foot basis, skylights admit far more light and distribute light much more evenly than a vertical window simply because they face directly towards the sky.
Skylights may also be used to advantage in building entrances to enhance foyers or spotlight attractive features such as sculptures, murals, paintings, planters, reflecting pools, etc. A whole room roofed over with skylights can add greatly to the atmosphere of a garden court or restaurant.
Dome Skylight Use
• For all commercial, industrial, institutional or residential buildings.
• With flat or sloping roofs, any construction.
• For new construction or renovation of existing structures.
• For conventional or unusual applications.
Dome Skylight General Features
• Wide range of standard types, dome colour and sizes to suit virtually any function or aesthetic requirement; also custom fabricated to any size or shape for unusual lighting effects.
• Free day lighting provides electric power saving and subsequent maintenance of artificial lighting.
• Fast installation of pre-assembled units minimizes on-site costs.
• Positive curb frame seal stops wind, rain, snow and dust; pliability of seal
permits free expansion of acrylic during atmospheric change; low conductivity of acrylic resists formation of condensation.
• Adds to apparent size of small rooms.
• Acrylic dome materials proven to resist discoloration, hazing and loss of strength in more than a half-century of successful outdoor use. Meets fire code requirements when tested in accordance with ASTM D-635

Polycarbonate Skylight & Dome

Domed skylights are manufactured using a thermoforming process. The raw material is heated within an oven and when it reaches the correct temperature the polycarbonate is positioned on to a former. It is the former that clamps the edges of the polycarbonate into position and then compressed air blows the dome into its shape. The former also moulds the fixing flange & weather edge too.
A Domed Skylight will be made to the size of the former and this will confirm the Clear Light size and the Overall size too. The Clear light size is normally the amount of light area you will see when you look up at the Domed Skylight when it is fitted on to the roof and the Overall Size is the maximum size the unit will fit to on a pre-made or purchased up stand or builder’s kerb.
Polycarbonate is widely used in construction as it is a hard, durable and versatile form of plastic. It can be moulded into rounded shapes easily and is a light and relatively inexpensive material making it ideal for use in rooflights. We a wide range of polycarbonate dome rooflights from our EuroDome range available on short leads times in standard sizes, in both fixed and ventilated options and with or without kerbs.